Ocularis Pharma


Ocularis Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company founded to develop innovative products to improve vision quality and performance. Ocularis's lead drug, Nyxol Eye Drops to Treat Night Vision Complaints (NVCs), employs a previously approved drug (phentolamine mesylate) for a proprietary new use, a strategy that management believes lowers development risk and cost, and shortens the time to market. To date, Ocularis has established intellectual property, defined a major unaddressed market opportunity, established a regulatory pathway with FDA, clinically proved the validity of its treatment thesis and demonstrated that Nyxol Eye Drops is a viable drug. The Company recently completed a Phase 2 clinical study under a corporate IND of its Nyxol Eye Drops. Management believes it will be able to commercialize Nyxol Eye Drops through a marketing partner or acquirer.