Ocularis Pharma


Ocularis management has shown that the market potential for night vision improvement is large, and has observed that the awareness and treatment of NVCs by practitioners in the eye care field are growing rapidly. Medical literature and primary market research commissioned by Ocularis indicate that the incidence of NVCs exceeds 20% of people who are seen by eye care practitioners. Johnson & Johnson/ACUVUE published a study entitled "Shedding Light on Driving in the Dark" which fully validates the Company's own market research results. Several other major eye care companies, including Bausch & Lomb and Essilor, have introduced contact lens and spectacle lens products to help address NVCs. Nidek has introduced the OPD-Scan III which helps optometrists prescribe a second pair of glasses for night vision. Ocularis is the only company developing eye drops to treat NVCs, and only eye drops will work for patients in all of the identified market segments: night myopia, cataract, eyeglass wearers, contact lens wearers, post-LASIK and post-IOL.