Ocularis Pharma


Nyxol Eye Drops to Treat Night Vision Complaints

Nyxol Eye Drops will treat non-disease related NVCs, which range from mere patient dissatisfaction to inability to drive at night, due to glare, halos, starbursts, ghosting patterns, poor contrast and poor depth perception in dim light. The Company believes that the primary cause of Night Vision Complaints is optical imperfections ("aberrations") in the periphery of the optical system, especially the cornea and the lens. When the pupil dilates in dim light conditions, these aberrations come into play and scatter light, causing the glare, halo, starbursts and other phenomena that lead to night vision complaints. Ocularis has shown in clinical studies with clinical and statistical significance that inhibiting pupil dilation in dim light improves night vision. Nyxol Eye Drops contain phentolamine mesylate, an alpha-1 antagonist that limits pupil dilation by inhibiting the iris dilator muscles.